[Player Grades] How Did The USMNT Fair Against Brazil?

Tonight, the U.S. Men’s National Team will be taking on their biggest rivals known as  Mexico for what is bound to be a great matchup. Both teams are in a transition period and at least for Team USA, there will be many new faces never before seen in a Dos A Cero. We got a glimpse of some of these new faces when they took on Brazil in their 2-0 loss last Friday. Let’s take a look at how the boys did, and who showed the best and worst performances.

Out of fear of being either biased or severely misjudging, I asked @juanners if he would be willing to submit his player grades as well. After reviewing the results, it’s clear that we were both looking for different things out of the match. After taking a look, let us know on Twitter whose grades you more identified with, or even let us know what your own grades would be!


Zack Steffen:

@dasha : [6.5Considering that neither goal came at the fault of his own and that when called upon, he answered, I have to give him credit for facing a front 3 of Neymar, Douglas Costa, and Roberto Firmino and being ready to make stops when he was the busier of the two goalkeepers. 

@juanners : [5.3He made some great stops but still let in two. He’s not at fault for either goal which is why he’s not been graded lower. 

Deandre Yedlin:

@dasha: [6.8Defensively, he finished the game with 3 tackles but also lost 2 tackles, one of which was in his own box. He was able to recover with his speed 3 times and managed 2 clearances. Offensively, he finished with only 5 misplayed passes, but I would have liked to see some better quality service into the box seeing as he had 0 successful crosses. He did finish with 1 key pass.

@juanners : [5.8Was the only player forcing runs and putting balls in the box during the first half. Proved himself against Neymar.

John Brooks: 

@dasha: [6He managed 1 interception, 2 clearances, and 4 recoveries, one of which was very close to the halfway line. Only misplayed 4 passes and literally got out of the way to avoid a penalty when one was given anyway. He did fail to cover when Robinson got burned by Douglas Costa, but well…the initial mistake wasn’t his, and when reacting to a play that happened that fast, I’m not sure he could have made much of a difference in time. 

@juanners: [3.5Absolute nightmare of a game. Wasn’t helping cover on the first goal and relied on his teammates to bail him out. Never where he needed to be.

Matt Miazga:

@dasha: [8Matt was my MOTM, it seemed like he was doing it all on defense. He had a huge tackle in the first half, a goal-line clearance, 2 interceptions, 2 clearances, and 4 recoveries. His distribution was also very good as he only misplayed 4 passes. I agreed with the announcers when they said he really showed himself well.

@juanners : [5.2Poor coverage on the first goal but made up for it afterward. Had a goal-saving tackle and covered well. 

Antonee Robinson:

@dasha: [4I, unlike Juanners, thought Robinson had the nightmare of the game. The first goal is 100% on him and misjudging the attempted close-down of Douglas Costa. He was also nutmegged and bodied off for another opportunity in the box that was cleared by one of his teammates. Going forward, he did have 1 successful cross and only misplayed 2 passes, which for me is why he wasn’t graded lower. Aside from the first goal, he wasn’t terrible, but because of being personally responsible for 1 of the 2 goals scored, I have to grade him lower.

@juanners: [7Apart from being burned by Douglas Costa, he added to the attack and put a stop to the fires that Brooks failed to put out. He bailed Brooks out many times. Best defender on the pitch for me. 

Tyler Adams:

@dasha: [6.5Adams understandably played deeper than his name showed on the initial lineup sheet. He had 2 interceptions, 3 clearances, and 1 recovery. In a game where Brazil dominated possession, it really wasn’t any fault of Tyler’s as he only had 3 unsuccessful passes. Also had a really clever pass into the box that resulted in one of the few dangerous moments for the USA. 

@juanners: [7.8Set his team up and saw some passing channels no one else did. One man midfielder as he was able to stop the attacks as well as start attacks.

Will Trapp:

@dasha: [5.5] Initially was prepared to rate him higher but after reviewing the stats I had to change my tune a little bit. I did think he played well, he was the midfielder that saw the most of the ball but he was also the midfielder that turned the ball over the most. Had 8 unsuccessful passes and had the ball tackled away from him in open play in his defensive side of the field. Technically conceded a penalty, although that call was B.S. he still got beat on the inside and put the player in the position to draw the pk. He did have 2 key passes but I draw that to the fact that both came from corners and he was on corner duty. 

@juanners: [7.2Was everywhere, him and Adams linked up really well with 1-2’s and covering and attacking defensively for one another.

Weston McKennie:

@dasha: [5I understand that McKennie is primarily an attacking player but I would have liked to see him add a little more defensively. The only defensive stat to his name was 1 recovery. Normally I wouldn’t hold that against an attacker but in a game where Brazil had 65% possession, I just think he could have done more. Next to Will Trapp, he was the next player that turned the ball over the most, but again, being an attacker, it’s more common for that to happen. He did have one shot that I think he could have taken first-time that ended up getting blocked. I also thought that when Tyler Adams played him into the box, he maybe should have crossed it himself instead of immediately passing it back outside the box. 

@juanners: [5For all the hype he’s getting, I was not too impressed with his decision making. It got better in the 2nd half with some of his link-up play with Acosta, but I failed to see what he really brings to the table.

Paul Arriola: 

@dasha: [4.5I honestly thought Paul was pretty useless and it’s not entirely his fault. The two wide attackers were hardly utilized and that is mostly in part due to the lack of possession. In the end, he finished with only 2 misplayed passes, and only had 1 cross that went straight to the keeper Allison. He did manage one tackle and one interception. Overall disappointed, no shots and 1 failed cross are just not enough from a winger. 

@juanners: [5Has great pace but lacks the soccer IQ needed to play at RW. When in the final third, every decision he made was the wrong one (pass when he should have shot, shot when he should have passed). Not inspiring.

Julian Green:

@dasha: [4.5If I thought Arriola was useless then Green has to go down as pointless. Had 6 successful passes and 2 unsuccessful passes. Also gets credited with 3 unsuccessful crosses. Did manage 2 key passes which is why he wasn’t graded lower. The bigger problem here is that I just counted all the times he had the ball in total. Saw the ball the least out of the starters, again not totally his fault, but it should maybe shine a light on how he and Antonee Robinson linked up on the left side. 

@juanners: [6Made some great runs but failed to really find that killer pass that couldn’ve broken Brazil’s defense. He also gave up some possession here and there.

Bobby Wood:

@dasha: [4.7] Was 10/11 for passing, but that also shows you how much he saw the ball. He had one shot and it was blocked. Also had 1 interception. We all know Bobby is capable, but we all know he hasn’t really been effective either. Hard to hold this game against him though considering there was very little attacking done by the USA. 

@juanners: [6.8Did a lot with very little support from the mids. Came back for the ball and was able to get great interceptions. Lack of shots hindered him but he held the ball up well. 


Tim Weah:

@dasha: [5] Tim gets a pretty average grade from me. He came in and had 1 key pass, had 4 successful passes, and 2 unsuccessful passes. He did earn a corner by pressuring a defender. I would have maybe liked to see him start, I think he could have been a bit more effective than Bobby Wood, but he did have a long way to travel and I understand the decision to not start him. 

@juanners [6A whole lot of nothing when he subbed on but he did hustle and showed some grit. 

Kellyn Acosta: 

@dasha: [6.8Kellyn is another player that I would have liked to see get the start. He came in and had 2 key passes, had 8 successful passes and 3 unsuccessful, which already makes him more useful than like half the midfield. He also had an interception and 3 recoveries. For the amount of time he was in the game, he proved he could compete. 

@juanners: [6.8] Came on and was effective, had 2 great passes that nearly resulted in goals. Very good in the mid but I feel he was underutilized being a 6. 

Cristian Roldan: No grade due to the amount of playing time, but he was 4 of 8 passing and that’s not very good anyway.

Marky Delgado: Also no grade due to playing time, but he had exactly 1 pass and it was successful so there’s that. 

Gyasi Zardes: Again, no grade due to playing time but he had 2 passes and both were unsuccessful, so…


@dasha: [6.5I give the team a solid 6.5 due to the fact that these young guys just took on the number 3 team in the world that happens to be riddled with stars. They only conceded 2 goals, one of which was a poor penalty call. I think for a team in the type of transition period that the USMNT is in, and missing a player like Christian Pulisic, that they did better than I was personally expecting. 

@juanners: [5.9] Failure to attack with real purpose and a sloppy backline make this game one to forget. Hopefully, Pulisic can be the one that links everything together. The defense needs work.




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