Orlando City Moves On From Jason Kreis

Following a 6-game losing streak, Orlando City sends head coach Jason Kreis packing

There was hope when Orlando City hired Kreis following the firing of beloved former coach Adrian Heath. He spoke about how he was going to change the mentality at the club, how the best players in practice would play, how this team would win games. We often heard phrases like Trust the Process and Changing the Culture. Now, two years later, he’s being shown the door after not living up to his promises.

To Kreis’ credit, he did join the team under difficult circumstances. He had a team of aging, overpaid players, a bunch of former USL players, and a defense that couldn’t keep a clean sheet if their lives depended on it. Slowly but surely, we saw new players join and old players leave. With each passing transfer window, players of higher quality were joining the club. Yet, despite the talent level going up, the results just were not there.

We could talk about all the excuses we could give the man but we could also talk about all the poor decisions he made as well. Instead, we’ll just say that we aren’t surprised that it ended this way for Jason Kreis. As unfortunate as it is to see a man lose his job, it became clear that he wasn’t the right man for this job.

After two failed coaches and no playoff births to date, it will be interesting to see what approach the Orlando City front office will take in finding a new head coach. Many fans are expressing their want for a high profile European coach with a proven resume, while others are accepting that the club might not be able to financially afford that and would be willing to hire someone within MLS or even USL. Whatever the front office decides, it needs to be the perfect fit because the passionate fan base in Orlando will not take it for much longer.

As for Jason Kreis, it is unknown what he will do next. Orlando City was sort of his second chance after being fired after one season at NYCFC. He is a coach that has won an MLS Cup, but will organizations still remember that after two failed stints since then? I’ve seen some suggest the new Canadian Premier League might be interested or perhaps the second division USL. I did not, however, see anyone suggest him getting another shot in MLS.


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